The Finisher

This smart device detects your marble! You can track lap times or you could even link it to your smart home devices!

Finisher Square

The finisher

We wouldn’t call them teleporters if they didn’t do exactly what they should do: teleport!

how does it work?

Link with WIFI

Link your Finisher to your smart home applications. A link with Sonos or Philips Hue guarantees a good show when the run ends!

a marble sensor

The sensor detects the marble and sends the movement info to the app.

multi-surface applicable

Apply it to almost every surface and pimp-up your run!

Make it 3D

Run your marble through 3D space, using the teleporters combined with the tracks!

Multiple ways of energy

It runs on batteries, but it also runs with a power bank or even a power plug!


If it is connected with the app you can register your marble run speeds and you can brag to your friends, along with a photograph of your marble run of course.