How to use the Alligator?

Before we explain to you how the alligator acutally works, let us first congratulate you on your unique starter set. We’re thrilled to have you as a valued customer here at Marblelous. And now, allow us to provide you with a brief summary of how the alligator works.s.
Marble Lane Switch - Marblelous

Standard behaviour of the alligator

This component is a surprising and fascinating inclusion in the basic set. Take your time to adjust it properly, for that is what makes it so enjoyable. The alligator essentially has two positions, with its jaw able to be either up or down. Its purpose is to catch a marble in its mouth (assuming the initial position is with the jaw up) and then pass the marble down one level in the opposite direction. Unlike the piranha, the alligator does not return to the starting position but remains facing downwards. The next marble, coming from the same direction as the previous one, will then traverse the back of the alligator and continue in the same direction. And for the (future) engineers among us, you could even consider it as a kind of flip-flop. Just think about that for a sec…

If you want to attach the alligator to a smooth wall, window, mirror etc, use the green suction cup and the corresponding green “animal mount”. You insert the blunt side of the animal mount into the opening of the suction cup. This green-coloured suction cup has a narrower opening compared to the transparent suction cups. As a result, the animal mount sits tighter, so the initial position of the alligator’s mouth that you carefully selected will not change, even if many marbles have been in the alligator’s mouth (or across its back). At the other end of the animal mount, you will see a kind of flap. You insert this side of the animal mount into the opening of the alligator. Right next to the round opening of the alligator, you will see a very small mini bar. Make sure the flap is below it when attaching.

Instead of the green suction cup, you can also use a brick-connector. This brick-connector can of course be attached to a vertical (upright) lego/brick building board, or to a rough wall, but than with the help of something that sticks. For example Pritt poster buddies.

Go really wild with some advanced tricks

What we have described above concerns the alligator’s standard behaviour. But would you like to explore more possibilities and go all-out with the alligator? You can! We, the creators, didn’t even think all this would be possible ourselves at first, when we came up with the alligator. Check out the video below…